Can't Decide Between the 2023 Honda Passport and the 2023 Toyota Highlander? Our Comparison is Here to Help

Our experts want you to feel confident in the model you buy, ensuring you have the features and capabilities you love. We recommend midsize SUVs to drivers who want a spacious interior and energetic performance. The 2023 Honda Passport and the 2023 Toyota Highlander are popular options in the class, and we want to help you choose between them. We encourage you to explore our comparison to see which model should make it to your Woodbridge driveway.

The 2023 Honda Passport comes with many standard features and advanced options to appeal to nearly any driver. The three trim levels let you decide how luxurious and innovative you want your vehicle to be. A single powertrain is equipped throughout the lineup, and all-wheel drive is standard to ensure you always enjoy the time you spend in the driver's seat.

The 2023 Toyota Highlander is another popular choice. With its reputation as a long-lasting vehicle that can tackle any terrain, you might think it is an easy choice, but the 2023 Honda Passport can make the same claims. The 2023 Highlander and 2023 Honda Passport have a similar identity, but only one comes with everything you want in your next vehicle.

Our comparison shows you the similarities and differences between these models to prepare you for any road trip, errand, or commute. Our team is happy to answer your questions and make it easier for you to find the midsize SUV you and your passengers will enjoy. We've searched through various websites to find each model's most important traits and features, putting them head-to-head to make it easier for you to make your final decision.

We encourage you to contact our team after reading the comparison to see which model will be your best choice. Our website offers various tools to simplify the car-buying process. We look forward to showing you the 2023 Honda Passport and 2023 Toyota Highlander today!

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2023 Honda Passport

2023 Honda Passport vs 2023 Toyota Highlander

  • Every 2023 Honda Passport is equipped with the Intelligent Variable Torque Management™ (i-VTM4®) AWD System, but the 2023 Toyota Highlander doesn't have all-wheel drive as a standard feature.
  • The 2023 Honda Passport comes with more ground clearance than the 2023 Toyota Highlander.
  • There's a nine-speed automatic transmission equipped on the 2023 Honda Passport. The 2023 Toyota Highlander comes with an eight-speed automatic.
  • Both models offer smartphone connectivity through Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay® integration.
  • The 2023 Honda Passport has Blind-Spot Monitoring, something that is an available feature for the 2023 Highlander.
  • The second row of seats of the 2023 Honda Passport has more headroom than the second row of the 2023 Toyota Highlander.
  • The 2023 Honda Passport provides more cargo space than the 2023 Toyota Highlander, ensuring you don't need to cramp gear around your passengers.
  • Both models need to be upgraded for roof rails, but the 2023 Toyota Highlander needs to go higher in its trim range than the 2023 Honda Passport for them.
  • Drivers can enjoy standard leather-trimmed seats for the 2023 Honda Passport, but the 2023 Highlander makes you upgrade for the same feature.
  • Heated front seats are a standard feature for the 2023 Honda Passport, something the 2023 Toyota Highlander needs to be upgraded to include.
  • You can add ambient LED interior lighting to both models for more high-end features on the midsize SUV you want in your driveway.