Worst Intersections in Woodbridge, VA

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Here at Hendrick Honda, we strive to make sure you have the best safety features in the automotive industry. Honda already utilizes two different technologies, active and passive, to keep you and your family safe on the road. With the addition of Honda Sensing® technology in newer models, your ability to stay safe in the event of a crash is higher than ever before.

However, we all know that no amount of safety features can eliminate car wrecks and congestion. Factors like distracted driving, outdated infrastructure, and population growth all contribute to problem intersections. So, what are the most congested intersections and corridors in the Woodbridge, VA area and how can drivers stay safe? We checked with local authorities to find out!

Route 1 Corridor

Both the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and Prince William County agree that Route 1 is a troublesome corridor for local drivers. “That has always been, essentially, an alternative to the Interstate,” VDOT senior public affairs officer Ellen Kamilakis says.

As such, this local road gets the most traffic in Woodbridge, increasing the likelihood of accidents and congestion. In fact, the top four worst intersections for crashes in the county occur on this road. It’s no wonder that drivers find this area so frustrating!

The corridor has become so troublesome that Prince William County teamed up with VDOT to completely overhaul the road. Construction has been ongoing for a couple of years now, but drivers can breathe a sigh of relief as the first two stages of the project come to completion this year. The final part of widening the road is expected to start in April 2018, with completion in November 2021.

Old Bridge Road

Old Bridge Road is rated the second worst corridor for drivers in Woodbridge. As another high traffic road full of local amenities, it has become one of the most frustrating roads in the county. To combat the problem, the Occoquan District Supervisor’s Office has recently completed the initial phase of a short-term study regarding safety and mitigating congestion on this road.

The county still has more analysis to complete before they submit any project to VDOT to allocate funds from state and federal resources. However, the designs look promising. The engineering consultant has recommended changes to heavily trafficked intersections like Route 123, with the latter including suggestions for the favorable flyover design. Although formal public comments on the study have officially ended, you can still contact Supervisor Ruth Anderson’s team with any questions or concerns.

Dale Boulevard/Neabsco Mills Road

Dale Boulevard is already a congested roadway due to its proximity to multiple shopping centers. The worst intersection along the corridor is with Neabsco Mills Road. As locals know, this intersection is where the Stonebridge Potomac Town Center is located, boasting favorite food and retail chains like the Apple Store and Firebirds. The addition of direct traffic from I-95 and Route 1 creates a hectic roadway that can be difficult to navigate.

Fortunately for drivers, Dale Boulevard is now a part of the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority’s TransAction plan. There are over 50 projects under consideration for the initial six-year stage of the project, with the public comment period starting in April 2018 and the public hearing commencing in May.

Prince William Parkway

As the primary link between several communities, it is no wonder that Prince William Parkway would show up on this list. In 2017 alone, there were nearly 500 accidents reported on this road between Woodbridge and Manassas. Thankfully, the majority of those accidents only resulted in property damage.

Drivers can rest assured that local and state officials are working to improve this corridor as parts of the parkway are included in improvement plans for multiple agencies. These include notably troublesome intersections at Minnieville and Smoketown Roads as well as a widening project on I-95.

Safety Tips for Drivers

While many of the roadways mentioned above have infrastructure improvement plans in place to alleviate road congestion, it is important to note that widening of roads can only do so much. It is up to drivers to make sure that they are following laws and removing distractions and impairments.

Distracted Driving

“If you stay alert to what is going on, you will reduce a tremendous amount of crashes,” Kamilakis says. “When you have that many cars in that small of an area, it makes it a very delicate ecosystem. So even a relatively simple crash in the middle of rush hour can snarl everything.”

Michael Flynn, an investigator with the Prince William County Crash Investigation Unit, agrees that removing distracted driving is vital. “People will be on their cell phones and not pay attention to the lights. They will see the light is green and take a look at their phone, forgetting that it just takes a split second to start cycling through the light.”

Distracted driving, especially with cell phones, has been a sore spot for Virginia legislators for years. Almost every General Assembly has seen a bill proposed to increase restrictions on cell phone use and distracted driving in general.

Unfortunately, legislators have yet to agree on what the new law could offer. For now, texting while driving is illegal and proposed bill HB1525 will increase fines in work zones.

Time and Attention

Additionally, drivers should follow the time and attention laws already in place. “Most of the time, we see rear-end crashes,” Flynn says. “It comes down to following distance, as we see a lot of people following too closely. If an emergency arises, you have to have the time and distance to apply your brakes before hitting the car in front of you.”

We hope you remember these tips as you hit the road! Don’t forget to reach out to community leaders and legislators to make sure the projects and bills to keep our intersections safe are at the forefront of their minds. If you are ready to upgrade your vehicle to have top-of-class safety features, like Honda SensingⓇ, contact us today.

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