Woodbridge Goes Back to School: Fill a Backpack, Fill a Need

August 16th, 2017 by

Emotions run high each year for everyone as the back to school signs begin to appear in shop windows. For parents of children starting a new life stage, there may be tears, for others, there may be jubilation.

But what about those kids whose families can’t afford what they need for class each fall? For them, this season may be difficult and filled with challenges.

School Supply Assistance in Woodbridge, VA

“In this time, when children are easily stigmatized because of ethnicity, economic background, or whatever else may be the trigger for bullying, there is a personal chord in me that is pulled,” said Diane Reynolds, community awareness coordinator and GM assistant at Hendrick Honda. “I just don’t want to see a child of a very young and impressionable age be picked on because they had to bring a crumpled plastic grocery bag to take home school paperwork on the first day of school.”

Reynolds put together a program called “Fill a Backpack, Fill a Need” to help students at Potomac View Elementary get the school supplies they need. For five years, they have spent the first part of August taking donations.

“If parents are not able to afford to get them backpacks, then how are these parents able to afford the school supplies required of their child or children?” Reynolds said. “Sometimes schools require school supplies to be brought in before certain privileges are given to a child. We don’t want that to happen to any child. So, we have been trying to help these children to blend in with their school community.”

How You Can Donate School Supplies

We’re still taking donations to help the students who need school supplies at Potomac View Elementary until August 21, 2017. This school has around 900 students and about 85 percent of them are eligible for some type of food assistance program.

To donate, simply drop off a book bag with all the supplies inside at our showroom. The supplies needed include two regular-size hand sanitizers, two regular-size baby wipes, two boxes of facial tissues, six glue sticks, two boxes of 24-count crayons, two (12-count) boxes of No. 2 pencils, and three composition notebooks.

Why Hendrick Honda of Woodbridge Cares

We believe our job is more than to sell and service the cars in Woodbridge. Our business is to be a good member of the community and this program is one means of being a good neighbor.

“Community involvement is essential to any business,” Reynolds said. “It means being connected to the people who reside and work in the community. We care a lot about this part of Prince William County, and Potomac View Elementary is just one elementary school out of many. The schools need partners in the business community to assist in any way we can, whether it is going to a school on career day or providing supply-filled backpacks.”

Please don’t hesitate to get involved with the Fill a Backpack, Fill a Need Program and donate supplies for those students going back to school that need assistance. If you have any questions please contact Diane Reynolds by email or by phone at 877-604-6192.