Upgrading Your Aha Radio with Hondalink

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How to Use Aha Radio with HondaLink
So you got a new, or new-to-you, Honda equipped with HondaLink. You’re probably wondering what HondaLink is, why should you download Aha Radio, and why the combination of the two provides you with one of the best features of your new ride. Don’t worry! We have your back with some of the most frequently asked questions and our best tips for getting the most out of HondaLink + Aha Radio.

What is Aha Radio and HondaLink?
First, let’s start with the basics. HondaLink is a system available for the following models:


HondaLink essentially allows you to stay connected with your vehicle through the touch-system in your car, hands-free Bluetooth connectivity, and your phone. Depending on the model you have, you can use your phone to do everything from starting your vehicle remotely, checking diagnostics, finding where you parked your car, and more!

Aha Radio is an app we have partnered with that allows you to get even more out of your HondaLink. With Aha, you can listen to the latest Kendrick Lamar album, your favorite Ted Talk, or find a nearby park by adding stations as your “Favorites” when you connect the app!

Adding Aha Radio to Your HondaLink
Adding HondaLink and Aha Radio to your vehicle is easy!

Download the HondaLink Connect & HondaLink + Aha Radio Apps
Download Hondalink on the App Store Get Hondalink on Google Play
2. Register your car with HondaLink and Aha Radio
Pro Tip — You should have received your Radio Code when you purchased your vehicle. If you cannot find it, you can quickly retrieve it via your VIN Number and Device Serial Code here.

3. Pair your phone with Bluetooth HandsFreeLink

4. Select HondaLink and get connected!

Our Favorite Features
Now that you have HondaLink and Aha installed on your vehicle let’s explore our favorite ways to connect.

First, you need to set up your Favorites in Aha. Favorites are by far the best feature, and the first one you should familiarize. Here you can easily “star” your favorite stations. Once you star your favorites, they will show up on HondaLink on your car’s Home Screen.

Our Top Aha Stations

Radio & News — With Aha, you can add your favorite music stations and news broadcasts straight from your phone. Want to sing your heart out with Taylor Swift and other Billboard chart toppers? Go for it! Ready to learn from Ira Glass as he shares stories on This American Life? He’s just a tap away!
Audiobooks — Scroll through hundreds of books converted to podcasts via Podiobooks and choose your favorites. Then let your journey on the road take you through adventures, laughter, history, and romance. The highway is now your open book.
Social Networks — Can’t wait to read what Ellen Degeneres just tweeted? Put down your phone and just tap on your “Twitter” station. HondaLink will then read through your Twitter feed for you, so you don’t have FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).
Kid-Friendly Stations — On a road trip with the kids and having a hard time keeping them entertained? Now you have stations like Radio Disney that you can add to your road trip activities.

Coffee Shops — Yes, you read that right. Let’s say you are on the road for business, and you need a quick pick-me-up before your next meeting. Instead of pulling over and searching, just click on the “Coffee” station and Aha will load the closest coffee shops to you! Want to check reviews before you go? No problem. It’s integrated with Yelp so you can check to make sure it’s just your flavor. Once you have made your choice, click on the map button to get step-by-step directions. This feature is one of the best perks of the app.
Our Favorite HondaLink Features
Depending on your Honda Model, you have access to many fabulous features! Here are some of the ones we love to use.

Parking Reminder Parking Reminder: We all have those days where we lose our car in the mall parking lot. Instead of wandering around using your anti-theft horn to echolocate your car, all you need to do is look at your phone. Much easier.
Send Destination Send Destination: Found a perfect date-night restaurant, but don’t want to play passenger seat navigator? Now you can send directions to your navigation system and let HondaLink be your guide.
Automatic Collision Notification Automatic Collision Notification: The sensors built throughout your vehicle are equipped to notify our response agents whenever a crash is detected. Our agent will check in and call for emergency help with your GPS location, even if you are unresponsive. Safety built-in, giving you peace of mind.
Phone Security & Convenience Phone Security & Convenience: You have probably heard of being able to start your vehicle from a set of car keys remotely, but we are taking it one step further. Now, you can remotely start your car from the HondaLink app. What’s more, you can receive alerts on your phone when your security alarm goes off and HondaLink can help authorities find your car if it is lost or stolen.
Personal Concierge Personal Concierge: You deserve a VIP treatment. Now you can get your own personal specialists who can assist you with everything from changing your flight reservation to finding events near you. Roll out the red carpet wherever you go

If you are ready to upgrade your car to one of the Honda models that has HondaLink, contact us today!

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