Soup Up Your Honda

April 10th, 2017 by

There’s another one coming. They say it is the end, but who can you trust these days?

We’re talking about the newest release from the Fast and the Furious franchise, The Fate of the Furious. Whether your movie queue is full of the previous releases or the simple mention of another release makes you groan, you’ve got to admit some of those cars make you drool.

Everyone knows those cars don’t arrive at your door from the factory looking as cool as they do in the movie. Your car doesn’t look like Vin Diesel’s fleet of black Honda Civic Coupes in the original film, but it could.

If you have always wanted to soup up your ride, it is important to keep in mind that making a plan for your modifications from the start can save you money in the long-run. Without a plan changing, your mind halfway through the process can result in previously purchased parts becoming useless.

Soup up the surface of your Honda

If you want your car to look movie-ready without making any mechanical changes, you can add some flare with Genuine Honda Accessories. The Honda eStore makes it easy to narrow down what’s available for your specific car.

Some ideas include:

– Paddle shifters make your car look more like a race car, whether or not you like to drive fast. Make your passengers wonder if you street race when they aren’t around.

– A popular choice for dramatically changing the look of your car is a spoiler. Honda makes spoilers specific to several models, allowing you to modify and increase the aerodynamics of your car.

A nose mask helps keep your bumper, hood, and sides of the front fenders safe from scratches and road trash. If you order the Genuine Honda Accessory, it is in multiple parts to make it easy to get under the hood without removing the mask.

Interior Honda modifications

Other modifications go deeper than the surface and affect the power and speed of your car. These add-ons take some serious skills and are not as easy to change with your mood.

Below are some of the most popular modifications made for Honda cars.

– Your car’s ability to “breathe” starts with the air intake valve. This one modification often allows more air to get to the engine. The increased air flow boosts the power you can get from your car.

– Once you decide what your car’s purpose will be, you can decide if you want to modify your suspension for that specific purpose. The suspension on a car meant to drag race is different from a car meant to street race.

– Exhaust is another component crucial to your car’s ability to breathe efficiently. The exhaust removes the noxious gasses created during the fuel burning process and are often vented away from the driver. Upgrading it can free up additional power by removing the gasses faster and allowing more fuel and air to be burned.
Some of these additions that enhance performance are official Honda products. Many common modifications use products not manufactured through official Honda channels. If you are concerned about your warranty, you should contact your authorized Honda dealer to learn more.

Whatever your reason for souping up your car, these upgrade ideas can help take your car to The Fate of the Furious level.

Will you be at the theater on April 14 to learn about the fate of our favorite fast-driving, rule-skirting crew? Whether you are or aren’t – if you’re thinking about modifying your car and don’t have the knowledge to do it yourself, contact your local Honda service provider at Hendrick Honda of Woodbridge.