How to link killer Aha Radio content with your new car

January 5th, 2016 by

No matter if you prefer an inspirational TED talk or Rage Against the Machine to get you pumped up on the way to work, it’s time to sync up your car with your cell and access all of the entertainment available via Aha Radio.

Have you heard about Aha Radio? With this great piece of technology, which is built in to many new Honda models, you have a world of entertainment at your fingertips each time you enter the comfortable sphere that is your car.

With many services competing for your ear, why choose Aha Radio? Because it has the broadest selection of audio, it’s easy to use, and it’s the best integrated digital radio technology that’s installed directly in your automobile and also syncs to your mobile device.

So, what is Aha Radio and how can you enjoy it?

#1. Get the app
The Aha app is free and can be downloaded to your iOS or Android phone. How nice is that? Then you’ll be able to create an account (for free) so you can do some cool things with it later.

#2. Select your music
Once you’re on Aha you can start sifting through the music and other entertainment options. Aha boasts more than 100,000 “channels”, which are really music channels, podcasts, news channels, and more.

Be sure to select something for all your moods: soft smooth relaxing music, toe-tapping music, favorites from your youth, podcasts that entertain or make you think, even audiobooks are available via Aha.

Go ahead, put Wham’s Greatest Hits on there, no one will judge you.

#3. Sync with your car
Aha fashions itself as “Your world. To go.” If you have a car that has Aha built in to the dash, such as one those vehicles that feature the HondaLink and HondaLink Next Generation, you’re going to go crazy when you see what it can do.

On your HondaLink system (not while driving of course), login to the Aha account you created in step #1. Now you’ll be able to see all of your saved channels and any music, audiobooks, or podcasts you are subscribed to. They are all saved in “My Channels.”

Now you have your music and entertainment from Aha in one place but available in both your car and also on your mobile phone. Log in on your phone and change your music, and it will be synced at your car and vice-versa.

Note: you should never do anything on your HondaLink system while driving that would distract from your ability to pay attention to the road. Pull over to program or change music, or to talk on the cell phone.

#4. Control your music experience in your car via your cell phone
Hand your cell phone to any of your passengers and have them open the Aha app. They can now schedule, program or play any music, podcasts or audiobooks in your collection directly from your mobile device.

Aha Radio is available in several Honda models. Contact us at 866-826-5987 to find out more or come in to see us and test drive a Honda.

Learn more in this video from Aha Radio.


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