Hendrick Honda Hosted a Thanksgiving Food Drive in Woodbridge, VA

November 20th, 2018 by

There is a problem in America few rarely talk about. You may not even realize how many people are affected or that they could be living in your neighborhood or right next door.

Food insecurity affects one in eight people nationwide. When a family is food insecure, it means they can’t provide enough food for every person in their household to live an active, healthy life. In households across the country, one mishap month can mean choosing between meals and medications or bills. Mishaps can be anything from a layoff to a car needing expensive repairs.

Being food insecure is a problem year-round. However, during the Thanksgiving holidays, when food is involved in celebrations when a family can’t purchase food it causes additional stress and hardship.

This year, the Hendrick Auto Group decided to do what they could to help.

Hosting a Food Drive in Woodbridge

As part of a larger initiative by the Hendrick Auto Group, Hendrick Honda of Woodbridge held a food drive to gather enough food to create 100 Thanksgiving dinner boxes. Employees involved were responsible for gathering all the dry goods for the boxes, which included:

– One box of mashed potatoes
– One box of stuffing
– Two boxes of macaroni and cheese
– Two cans of corn
– Two cans of green beans
– One packet of turkey gravy

Hendrick Auto Group donated frozen turkeys and frozen pies for each of 100 boxes.

The employees at Hendrick Honda of Woodbridge went above and beyond the corporate goal. They set their own goal to gather enough supplies to create 130 dry goods bags full of Thanksgiving sides. When the drive finished, the employees gathered to box and deliver the food. It was no surprise that they had met their goal.

Once the staff filled all 100 boxes they simply donated the additional 30 bags full of dry goods to the food bank. Since this was only one part of a larger food drive, Hendrick Auto Group chose a food bank near each dealership. All the food from the food drive went to families involved with the Capital Area Food Bank.

Learn More About the Capital Area Food Bank

The Capital Area Food Bank (CAFB) is the largest organization fighting food instability in the Washington, D.C. metro area. They serve parts of D.C., Maryland, and Virginia by partnering with 444 community organizations.

Through programs like weekend bags, after-school programs, and summer feeding programs, the CAFB helps ensure children get enough to eat when they aren’t at school. At the other end of the spectrum, the food bank provides programs like senior brown bag sites and grocery plus sites allowing elderly residents to fill their pantries. Families looking for assistance can find it through family market sites, food markets, mobile market sites, and community marketplace sites.

The CAFB is a member of Feeding America, a nationwide network of food banks helping to alleviate hunger in America. The network began more than 35 years ago and today there are more than 200 food banks in the Feeding America system.

If you are interested in donating money or food, you can reach the CAFB online at capitalareafoodbank.org or volunteer with the food bank. Learn about more volunteer opportunities and sign up on their here.

What is Hendrick Cares?

Hendrick Auto Group runs Hendrick Cares as their corporate social responsibility program. The company is proud of its legacy in caring for others and uses this program to help celebrate it.

Hendrick Cares does more than Thanksgiving food drives though. At Easter, they participated in an entirely different food drive and after the devastation of the tropical storms in South Carolina, they sent people and supplies to help with the relief efforts — all of this occurring in just 2018.

If you are interested in learning more about what Hendrick Cares does for their communities, stop by their Facebook page.

Hendrick Honda of Woodbridge Wants to be Your Neighbor

Being a part of the community is an important part of living in Woodbridge. The folks here at Hendrick Honda know that and we are proud to be a part of the community. If you have questions about the way we support our community throughout the year, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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