Hate Parking? Honda Smart Parking Assist Is Here To Save The Day

June 30th, 2014 by

Modern technology is dragging us all kicking and screaming into a brave new world – and nowhere is that more apparent than in the cars we drive. People of a certain age thought that we’d all be scooting around in flying cars a la the Jetsons by now, and that assumption isn’t that far off – today’s cars are modern marvels. Even the most basic budget models carry more computing power than did the first mission to land a man on the moon. It won’t be long before automobiles become autonomous servants, driving us around without requiring us to lift a finger.

One of the most exciting auto-related innovations to come along in recent years is the Honda Smart Parking Assist System. Ask almost any driver and they’ll probably tell you that parking is one of the most difficult maneuvers they have to perform. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just let your car park itself, especially in tight parallel parking situations? have done just that That’s the idea behind the Honda Smart Parking Assist system. Introduced in 2006, the system is an option on a wide range of new Honda models from sedans to SUVs.

How does the Honda system work?

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MjmRDIVxws]
Here’s how it works: If you’re trying to park in a regular parking spot and you want to back the vehicle in, you’ll align a mark on the inside of the front door with the painted line alongside the space you’re trying to park in. If you’re attempting to parallel park, you’ll align the mark with the front of the car parked behind the space you’re trying to park in. Then you’ll push the button to start the Smart Parking Assist System.

Next, you’ll carefully release the brake and let the car move forward. The car will take command, moving the vehicle to the optimum position to maneuver into the parking space.

The system isn’t completely autonomous: you’ll still have to do a little bit of the driving yourself, but you’ll do so under the guidance of the system’s built-in audio instructions. The system will tell you when and how much to turn the wheel to execute a perfect parking maneuver. And you’ll do it without a rear-facing camera, although that too is an option (and it certainly wouldn’t hurt).

Are there any downsides to the current park assist system?

Honda tells you up front that there may be certain terrain or weather conditions that will render the system not functional, but these conditions seem to be few and far between. Maybe a blizzard or a London fog will discombobulate the system – but then, you’d probably have bigger worries than parking.

Honda has proven itself time and again to be one of the most innovative and creative automakers in the world today. Look for the Honda Smart Parking Assist System to be completely autonomous in the not so distant future. And of course, the system as it exists now already helps to prevent the kind of costly minor body damage that often results from poorly executed parking attempts.

The next time you have to take a driving test and you’re dreading the parallel parking demonstration, never fear – Honda’s got your back. And pretty soon you’ll be able to climb into a Honda, tell it where to go, and then take a nap and wake up when you arrive at your destination. Let’s just hope they don’t build too much attitude into their smart cars!

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