America’s Love Affair with Driving a Honda

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The feeling of sliding into the drivers’ seat of a car for the first time creates a memory which is rarely forgotten. That brand-new plastic rectangle clutched in your fist proclaims to all who care to look that you’ve passed your drivers’ test. It feels like freedom and smells like a combination of gasoline and teenage cologne.

For people who love to drive, it’s a step along the path of a love affair unlike any other. Tied up in the affair are the vehicles themselves. For many people who started driving after 1970, the first gas pedal they pushed was installed inside a Honda.

Since starting the American Honda Motor Company in 1959 and beginning to release vehicles in 1970, Honda vehicles have grown in popularity in America.

Globally, Honda sold more than 5.2 million automobiles during their 2018 fiscal year. Almost 700,000 of the total vehicles sold in the United States were two models – the Honda Accord and the Honda Civic. In 2018, Honda manufactured three of the top 20 best-selling cars in America.

How did Americans come to love these cars and why are more sold each year? Keep reading to find out.

Honda History

Founded in 1959, the American Honda Motor Company, also known as AHM, was created by the Japanese company Honda Motor Company Ltd. Honda created a subsidiary company to distribute, market, and sell cars in America, which hadn’t been done before by a foreign car company. Since 1959, the headquarters have shifted locations several times but have always remained in California.

During the 60s Honda motorcycles were manufactured and distributed in the United States. While passenger cars were sold from 1970-1972, the Honda Civic was introduced in 1973. Next, Honda released the Accord. It went on to become America’s best-selling passenger car. You can read more about it in “History of the Honda Accord in America.”

As history sometimes does, it favored Honda’s timing. The energy crisis of the 1970s created a need for lighter, more fuel-efficient vehicles and the Honda vehicles fit that specific need.

Honda has introduced different vehicles throughout the years and in 2019 has 13 different makes to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a minivan or a pickup truck, Honda has an option for you.

Why Americans Love Hondas

Each of the 13 Honda vehicle options is tailor-made to suit the needs for that type of vehicle. If you drive a Honda Odyssey, you’ll find tons of storage space and trim packages designed for growing families. The Accord has options for both a hatchback and a trunk – and is customizable to the owner in question.

Even though you’ll find differences among each of the Hondas, there are factors all of them have in common, which cause Americans to continue to choose them to drive.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is also known as the IIHS. They perform tests each year discovering how cars handle different kinds of collisions. The top marks in each of the vehicle size categories are Top Safety Picks and Top Safety Picks +. You’ll find a Honda vehicle among the top choices in each of the following categories: small cars, midsize cars, small SUVs, midsize SUVs, and minivans. Honda consistently ranks among those with the highest safety options so drivers know their passengers will be safe.

In a photo story created by Forbes, the Honda Ridgeline was listed as one of the “10 Vehicles That Can Run for 250,000.” The accompanying story listed information about a 1993 Honda Civic Coupe for sale with more than 355,000 miles on the odometer. You know Honda vehicles last when owners follow proper maintenance schedules.

Inexpensive Repairs
Popular car blog listed repairs as the no. 6 reason why people should purchase a Honda. Since Hondas are all over your neighborhood, finding parts for repairs is generally simple. Repairs are typically easy mechanics to complete. With those two facts combined, paying for Honda repairs doesn’t have to break the bank.

Resale Value
Not just one, but several Honda models receive both the ALG Residual Value and Kelley Blue Book Bests Resale Value Awards. When you buy a new Honda, you know how much value it retains, and you can get excited.

Fuel Efficiency
The Honda Insight and the Honda Accord are both listed among the most fuel-efficient cars by Consumer Reports. The Honda lineup as a whole ranked in the top five of the top 15 most fuel-efficient car brands when ranked by Washington’s Top News. As a brand, you can expect to drive for about 30 miles on each gallon of gas.

Start Your Love Affair Today

If you haven’t driven a Honda yet, come by and see us at Hendrick Honda in Woodbridge or start shopping for your next car on our website. We’ll be happy to help answer any questions you may have and find the perfect vehicle to fit your needs.

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